The Italian Academy Redesign

The Challenge

Redesign The Italian Academy digital experience to enable internal collaboration of content and strengthen brand identity, increase online presence to engage with incoming students, alumni and donors, and establish design guidelines.

Research and Discovery

coming soon -- it takes a while to get this stuff together. 

Execution (Wireframes and Prototyping)

High-fidelity mockups, Design specification guidelines, Print design materials and digital graphics.


The Solution

I guided the team through the exploration process to understand their needs and build a long term solution for the internal communications team.

Notable improvements:

  • Responsive design
  • Changed from static to dynamic CMS
  • Clear navigation and information architecture
  • Ability to subscribe to mailing list
  • Ability to donate to university with credit card
  • Ability to create and manage content with multiple user accounts
  • Brand and design guidelines
  • Designed social media campaign

Print and Graphic Design